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Here's a link to the bbc biography that includes a pic of bran man on their Top of the pops performance in August 1999

""Drinking In LA", which had originally stalled outside the UK Top 30 in summer 1998, reached number 3 when re-released in the UK in August 1999 thanks to its prominent use in a Rolling Rock beer advertisement."

wow! it's been 7 years since Glee was released! Shocked

I'll try and find the exact positions

sorry for posting in separate posts. i'll try to do more 'batch' posts

i've found where pics such as were taken <---- look there.
It's from a show at Toronto's Opera House, January 23, 1998.
Be sure to credit the owner for their use
And finally, if anyone would be willing to host it i have 4 videos of the 'making of' the video for Astounded. It was found years ago and i can't remember the url for it, so this is the next best option.

a scary midi file of driking in la Shocked

click on any of the links to be listen.

A very good analysis of More Shopping

Something that confirms when Drinking in LA was re-released in the UK (August 9th)

A general info page (with a review and pic) from

Not sure if the date has been mentioned before, but BV3 supported Bjork on June 6th 1998 in France

Also, does anyone have anymore info on a (what looks like) design group called Nkaos. According to this they worked with BV3 in some way.

james does a questionaire.

I think it may be a different James, but i was still intrigued when i saw it. --->

maybe young james starred in films?

yeah, it's old, but still worth the mention Razz about the Peace one day at england last year (when Kanyon met him)

Also, it appears James has been working with someone called David Hodge recently (however recent you can call february Razz).
Happy New Year everyone!

and i've found a bit more information for ya :p Enjoy! - chartattak info on where sara performed

The Club where she performed

Sara apparently appeared on an album by an artist called Ivan -,,335901,00.html+%22sara+johnston%22+album&hl=en&client=firefox-a

'The Answer' appeared on the soundtrack for Jet Set Radio -

Something about a soundtrack Ep Bergen has worked on

'Lucknow' appeared on the soundtrack of a film called Just Watch Me

The fans try to dechiper the song Drinking in LA and its meaning

Something that indeed confirms who owns Bran Van 3000's songs since Grand Royal went bust

An extract:
"The label was being auctioned off on the Net on a Web site called for what seemed to be a ridiculously small price. It must be disconcerting for an artist to have the rights to their music auctioned off to the highest bidder on the Internet, but James Di Salvio, founding father of the Bran Van collective, wasn't too worried considering that he was able to buy back the Bran Van master tapes and rights as soon as Grand Royal went broke."

Not sure if this has already been said, but the Celine Dion video that James worked on was for the song 'I Want You To Need Me'

Not quite sure what to say on this snippet of information... read for yourself :p

And finally, a report on a 13 hour event in montreal that bv3 performed in. (reported 1998)

here's how i basically do it: think of band members in BV3 and any related ones; look for their names on Very Happy sometimes i search for canadian only pages via from anything i find, such as other bands that are mentioned on a review for bv3, i do a further search from that. then from anything i find there i do another search... rinse, lather repeat :p sometimes it gets me nowhere but lots of times i quite pleased with what i find. That reminds me, i found another mix of the song astounded

page containing the file

direct link
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