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National action

Holy Rob Lowe! You can reach the beach at CMW because, um, one things leads to another. Among the acts slated for the fest, which runs in 20-odd local clubs March 5-7, is '80s synth-rock band The Fixx, who, though not from Canada, were at least very big here. Announcements are still comin' down the pipeline -- eye's got the official guide to all events March 5 -- but other likely acts include treble charger, Ron Sexsmith, Holly McNarland, Big Sugar, Wide Mouth Mason, plus showcases for Raw Energy, Sonic Unyon and Orange Alert, and an eight-band Strength for Breast Cancer benefit. The big Warehouse show on March 7 has Rusty and Bran Van 3000, with assists by The Matthew Good Band, Groovy Religion and mebbe the awesome BTK, too. The pass for CMW shows is available now from Ticketmaster for $30.

Speakers at the trade show and exhibition at the Westin Harbour Castle include Sir George Martin, Moby and Chuck D, the latter two having yet to receive knighthoods. The public can get into the exhibition for $10 a day. More news to come, muchachos.


Malton hardcore act Dirge and Brampton's Grift join forces to release an extremely heavy split CD called Guilty by Association at the El Mo Friday (Feb. 13). Also in on the all-ages carnage are Mushmouth, Shallow, N.D. and more.


C'est What? hosts a weekend of Local Flavor, as 13 different indie acts will be recorded for a compilation benefit CD for FoodShare Toronto. Among the acts are The Supers and Brilliantfish on Thursday, Sook-Yin Lee and the Chevrons and Roach Motel on Friday and Coco Love Alcorn, Jukejoint and Kathryn Rose on Saturday.


Besides offering uncivil rock action at Club Shanghai Friday, the Sinisters have their Australia-only split EP with Voodoo Love Cats, El Noche de El Siniestro Vudu, available for sale, plus Memories of a Happy Hell with extra tracks produced by Chris Spedding. In the part of Shanghai with not so much broken glass, London's Champion Sprout play their CD release with Dale Morningstar and Feedom. * Queers Online hosts a cyber-launch party at 8 p.m. Saturday with Claudia's Cage, My Dear Heretic and DominAdella. * What, you ask, is "Punk Through Time?" The Toronto Wind Orchestra puts forth their case at Bar Code Saturday with performances of a selection from Weill's Threepenny Opera, Stravinsky's Soldier's Tale and William Walton's Facade. Gabba, gabba, hey! * Young, dumb and full of whatever's on Monica Lewinsky's dress, The Deadly Snakes play the Bovine's Cherry Red Monday on Feb. 16. As they say, "Things could get ugly."

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