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BV3 screen saver by homing (923 kb)
Discosis Winamp skin from glee (61 kb) -- preview -- It was on the original website but has since gone.
Discosis poster scanned by sd, provided by Gonzzong (3.38 mb)
Making of Astounded (source unkown): 1, 2, 3, 4 (22 mb total, thanks to Glee)
BV3 stickers scanned by Mp³ (39 kb)
Ad for Boulevard Saint-Laurent on SRC, 05/09/2004 (843 kb)
Logo for the website by Crucethus (122 kb)
Bacardi Breezer Flash animation with Astounded as soundtrack (outside link)
Love Cliché video: student project (8.67 mb, outside link) -- description.
Tom's wallpaper (1280x768, 124 kb)
Five wallpapers from (2007) (4.34 mb)
Ad in VOIR 2007/10/25 (2.52 mb)
Press Kit from (2.22 mb PDF)

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