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La discographie contient 38 éléments.


15.04.1997AD4 10105Pic!Cassette Album; Forest in French.
15.04.1997ADCD 10105Pic!CD Album; Forest in French.
1998C4 7243 8 23604 4 5Pic!Cassette Album.
17.03.1998ADCD 10114Pic!CD Album.

2001CDVUSDJ193Pic!CD Promotional Album.
2001DPRO 2085Pic!CD Promotional Album.
29.05.20017243 8 10230 20Pic!CD Album.
29.05.2001VUSLP193 7243 8 10230 1 3Pic!12'' Vinyl Album.
18.07.2001VJCP 68314Pic!CD Album.

Discosis Interview Disc
2001CDIVUSDJ193Pic!CD Promotional Album.

30.10.2007REMCD-9017Pic!CD Album.


Drinking in L.A.
1997ADCD 5256Pic!CD Promotional Single.
19987243 8 85381 6 9Pic!12'' Vinyl Single.
19987243 8 85677 7 0 CL 802Pic!7'' Vinyl Single.
19987243 8 86118 2 4Pic!CD Single.
19987243-8-85381-2-1Pic!CD Single.
1998CDSP 172Pic!CD Single.
1998S7-724381989876Pic!7'' Vinyl Single.

Couch Surfer
1997ADCD 5269Pic!CD Promotional Single.

1997ADCD 5273Pic!CD Promotional Single.

1997ADCD 5285Pic!CD Promotional Single.
19987243 8 86088 2 4Pic!CD Single.

Drinking in L.A. Mount Real Mixes
1997SPRO 7087 6 12815 1 4Pic!Clear 12'' Vinyl Promotional Single.

20017087 6 16154 1 8Pic!12'' Vinyl Promotional Single.
20017243 8 97538 2 0 VUSCD194Pic!CD Single.
2001SPRO 0069Pic!12'' Vinyl Promotional Single.
2001VUSCDJ194Pic!CD Promotional Single.
2001VUSTDJX-194Pic!12'' Vinyl Promotional Single.
2001VUSTFDJ194Pic!12'' Vinyl Promotional Single.

Love Cliché
2001VUSCDJ216Pic!CD Promotional Single.


E.P. Bergen - E.P. Bergen
1992TOXK-3001Pic!CD Album collaboration.

Liquid ltd. - Better Days
2001Q2 00599Pic!CD Album collaboration.

Adam Chaki - No one knows where the hell we are
2001ADCD 10130Pic!CD Album collaboration.

Sara Johnston - Sleeper
2006SaraPic!CD Album collaboration.


Practical Magic: Music From The Motion Picture
06.10.19989362-47253-2Pic!CD Album compilation.

Playing by Heart
12.01.199997991Pic!CD Album compilation.

Now That's What I Call Music Vol.44
15.11.1999352379Pic!CD Album compilation.

Y Tu Mamá También
05.03.200261422-32191-2Pic!CD Album compilation.

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